Winter Semester 2022/23


The Digital Wellbeing Initiative (DWI) equips Sri Lankan youth with the knowledge to address the exacerbating impacts of digital technology, such as addiction, misinformation, cyberbullying and privacy. They collaborate with volunteers, artists, schools and communities to tackle these issues at a grassroots level.

Digital Wellbeing Initiative

180 DC Munich will assist the young NPO in setting up a sustainable growth strategy, from finance to human capital, to scale their impact.
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Ecopals develops innovative solutions for resource-efficiency in road construction. Their first product, EcoFlakes, is an asphalt additive made from non-recyclable plastic.


180DC will develop a growth marketing strategy to penetrate a difficult-to-enter industry with a digital approach.
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FERNRIDE is focussing on deploying gradual driving automation with a teleoperation first approach on private logistic grounds such as production plants, distribution centers and ports. With this new approach, existing inefficiencies can already be reduced, working conditions are improved and lead to a better overall productivity of the driver and increased attractiveness of the profession itself. The created value is supporting the solution of driver shortage already today.


To further contribute to the solution of those challenges, Fernride wants to tackle open road transportation in the future. Together with 180DC they would like to have a long-term outlook and assess how a commercial rollout of gradually automated trucks with a teleoperation first approach should look like for the open roads in Europe from 2025 onwards.
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Infinite Ocean is a young, not-for-profit startup that wants to mitigate water scarcity by providing accessible drinking water through locally-run desalination plants.

Infinite Ocean

180 DC will explore market testing strategies to build an appropriate product for local markets.
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North East Centre for Equity Action on Integrated Development (NEAID) is a not-for-profit organization working in the North-eastern region of India for the last seven years and impacts homes in 5 Districts with clean drinking water, 18,000 students in education and over 35,000 people in the form of disaster relief.


180 DC Munich will assist NEAID with a rebranding strategy for targeted corporate fundraising for a recurring flow of funds.
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ReDi School Munich and the Digital Career Program (DCP) in particular offer our learners (newcomers in Germany and tech- refugees, migrants and locals with no access to digital education) high quality coding skills taught by volunteers in combination with a unique career and mentorship program, which includes the chance to collaborate with tech companies, startups and digital industry leaders. The goal of this program is to prepare the students with practical skills that will support them in getting an entry-level job in the tech industry after successfully graduating from ReDi’s courses.

ReDI School of Digital Integration

180DC supports creation of a better fit between ReDI graduates and tech-market needs by upgrading and renovating of the DCP learning paths and competence building services based on a benchmarking of required market skills for entry level positions as well as analysis of skillset provided through ReDI program.
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United Nation (UN) is the largest NGO working on world problems relevant to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Various agencies under UN are combating issues with specific focus.

United Nations

180 DC Munich works with an acceleration program of one of the main UN Agencies that is setting up funding mechanisms to establish an investment continuum for external and internal innovation projects aligned with its mission. The project will focus on mapping of the funder landscape in order to expand the network of external investing partners of the innovation acceleration program and the agency as a whole.
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Zetu Africa designs and produces the SeatPack, a school bag that turns into a Bamboo classroom-chair with a portable writing-surface for the over 95 million school children that attend classes without a place to sit and write properly. Everytime you buy a Zetu Africa product, one student gets to have a seat in class while actively working towards sustainable infrastructure.

Zetu Africa

180 DC Munich will assist Zetu Africa in identifying and targeting potential markets for Zetu Africa products which will help them with the 10,000 seatpacks challenge
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SEnior Student Consultant Project

The overarching goal at RYVER.AI is to reduce biases in medical AI to eliminate systematic failures of algorithms in medical practice, for eg. bias against women of color in breast cancer detection algorithms. To tackle this challenge it is crucial to enable a deep understanding of how and why AI fails when applied in clinics. Hence, RYVER.AI wants to provide medical AI companies with tools that enable exactly this deep understanding.


180 DC Munich will help identify and evaluate potential solutions to enable frictionless monitoring and testing of medical AI in production to help create better performing and more ethical AI for medicine.
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Summer Semester 2021/22

FabricAid is a social enterprise that sets forth to fill the gap between unsustainable and excessive fast fashion and the clothing of vulnerable communities. FabricMerch, a brand of it, upcycles scrap fabric, turning it into usable corporate items.


180DC is exploring the feasibility of introducing FabricAid’s new brand to the German market and is developing a roadmap therefor.
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Landpack is a leading start-up in the field of bioeconomy and their products are the world’s first truly ecological and plant-based alternative to styrofoam packaging. Landpack‘s mission is to use local resources. The internationalization strategy is therefore based on a network of decentralized production facilities.


180DC will help Landpack identify the best countries for expansion and develop market entry strategies.
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Lilipad e.V. is an NPO with the mission of empowering children from underserved communities and improving their life prospects by fostering a love of reading and life-long learning. It is creating multilingual children's libraries that serve as a safe and inclusive space for growth and development.


Lilipad is currently in a phase of scaling and growth, which has to be managed sustainably. 180 DC will be determining and analyzing a growth strategy for Lilipad e.V..
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Living Soils Community Learning Farm is a partnership project between Woolworths, Spier and the Sustainability Institute, and aims to develop a self-sustaining farm that produces nutritious food using ecologically regenerative farming practices in order to address food security, and provide training & skills development for young, emerging farmers and the community at large.

Living Soils

180DC Munich will identify and assess alternative income generation models to provide Living Soils with a long-term sustainable financial strategy.
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Moufense produces body lotion with mosquito protection to help people in Togo combating Malaria, the leading cause of detain the region. With their affordable and accessible solution, they want to enable everyone to protect themselves from Malaria.


180DC will help Moufense set up local production in Africa by developing a sustainable supply chain strategy
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share is a major social impact brand that generates immediate social benefit through consumption. With more than 120 products in categories such as food, personal care, drinks and stationery, share offers an impactful alternative for everyday consumption and supports a social project for each product.


180DC will create a launch, content and promotion strategy for a new share project to generate even more social impact for people around the world.
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Statefree is the first digital platform for the connection of stateless people and allies. Launched in 2021, their aim is to empower stateless people worldwide through community and exchange.


180DC will assess the product-need fit of this platform and tailor its offerings to improve the user journey and increase engagement.
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Ympact is a discovery and shopping platform for a sustainable lifestyle. This social startup makes it easy to discover truly impact-driven brands and make informed purchasing decisions.


180DC will construct a verification framework to evaluate the credibility of brands' sustainability claims, enabling customers to distinguish greenwashing from green marketing.
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SEnior Student Consultant Project

UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, the German partner of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) mandated to protect people who are forced to flee or have no nationality, and to coordinate emergency humanitarian aid and measures for refugee protection worldwide.


180DC Munich is supporting UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe with a holistic assessment of future alternative fundraising strategies.
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Winter Semester 2021/22

The Red Cross is a globally active aid organisation that strives for the good of humanity and supports people in need.

Bayrisches Rotes Kreuz

180 DC is developing a strategy to support the Bavarian Red Cross to win new sponsoring members online and thus reach a younger target group.
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Social Entrepreneurship Akademie (SEA) operates under the motto "Education for Societal Change". As a network organization of Munich universities, it qualifies, networks, and supports young people in particular in combining social thinking and entrepreneurial action for society.

Social Entrepreneurship Akademie

180DC will develop a framework to measure the impact of SEA´s diverse programs.
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EcoPals empowers recyclers to turn non-recyclable plastic into a valuable building material in road construction.


180DC will perform a market analysis and selection for the EU market to lay the groundwork for a successful market entry of EcoPals.
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KulturRaum München e.V. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 with its main goal and activity to distribute free tickets for cultural events (like opera, theatre, cinema, etc.,) to over 14,000 citizens with low income in Munich (approx. 2,500 tickets per month)​.

KulturRaum München

180DC will evaluate the existing fundraising tools of KulturRaum München e.V. and develop new strategies to achieve more private sponsoring through online fundraising​.
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Asante Sanaa is a social start-up that sells paintings by Tanzanian artists and furthermore creates fashion from this art. They ensure that the artists are paid fairly for their work.

Asante Sanaa

By developing an entry strategy for retail sales, 180DC wants to help Asante Sanaa increase sales in Germany.
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Pfotenpiloten and its Assistance Dog Foundation are committed to helping people with chronic impairments get a fresh start with a well-trained assistance dog by establishing structures for acceptance and quality.


180DC will identify and establish a CRM solution to create a simple and reliable system that helps Pfotenpiloten to stay in touch with its community of supporters.
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The Münchner Initiative Nachhaltigkeit (MIN) is an alliance of about 50 organizations having the joint goal of promoting sustainability in Munich. The work of MIN takes place in 8 manufactories - working forums dedicated to specific goals, based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Münchener Initiative Nachhaltigkeit

180DC Munich will support MIN in achieving better inter-organizational collaboration through improving their project management support structure and developing a toolkit for effective alliance partner meetings and projects.
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Treelia is a Social Start-Up which has partnered with 1300+ Online Shops and plants trees for their users after each purchase at no additional cost to the user.


180DC Munich will develop a product expansion strategy for Treelia to expand their offering to offline businesses, such as local stores and restaurants, which will help Treelia increase their reach and plant more trees.
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